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When it comes to electric vehicle charging stations, no other company or persons has more expertise and knowledge in safety than Greenstar Concepts LLC. We are the leaders in EV charging station safety.




Press Release  (Louisville, Kentucky)
January 30, 2014

Greenstar Concepts LLC. an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Certified Contractor and Safety company, partners with Training Jumpstart.Com an online E-learning company.  TJS dominates the industry when it comes to e-learning and are veterans in the online e-learning industry. "We are estatic to partner up with TJS", said James Maddox, Executive Partner for Greenstar Concepts LLC.

The demand for a safety training course in Electric Vehicle Charging Station has increased dramatically and first responders across the country have noticed the volitile situation they can be placed in when involved in an accident or incident with these high voltage devices. 

"With this online e-learning course, we will be able to keep up with the demand for our unique and proprietary safety course and provide first responders with much needed safety training." said Robert Wright, Executive Partner.

EV Charging Station 
vandalized in the City of Baltimore

Electric Vehicle Charging Station safety affects local governments

Can "Failure to Train" lead to Litigation for emergency responders?

EVSE- Where does safety fit in?

What has you city done to prepare for the unthinkable? Vandalism, theft, etc.

Thieves Steal $100,000 in solar equipment and charging stations.



Welcome to Greenstar Concept LLC.

As more electric drive vehicles appear on Americas’ roadways, even more electric vehicle charging stations are being installed throughout our communities in parking lots, parking garages, and along busy city streets. With the emergence of this new technology, Industry experts are beginning to gain a better understanding of their potential volatility and the risks associated with their presence in public places.

Because so many governments own or are responsible for the electric vehicle-charging infrastructure in their cities, a unique exposure to liability risk has been created. Each one of these cities need to be prepared in the event of  an accident or incident involving a charging station. Many cities have overlooked the safety aspect by failing to prepare emergency responders and city and county workers  on proper handling technics and power termination.

Greenstar has identified numerous issues and safety concerns in cities with these devices installed on their city streets and created the only full packaged safety program. In order for the general public to support the EV program, they must believe that EV charging station safety is a top priority.

We have found some cities are confused on electric vehicle charging stations safety with the electric vehicle safety program. Cities are also unsure which department would be responsible for these devices and also will refer to their local utility company as the responsible party. We have found this is due to lack of communication and planning and can be resolved with our safety program.

Call us today to find out what our safety program can do for your infrastructure.

"Apparently, there's no place in Baltimore's city-management handbook (or probably any other city's, for that matter) that describes what to do when somebody goes medieval on an electric-vehicle charging station. That's perhaps why, even though the charging ports on two publicly accessible stations in the city's Water Street parking garage were smashed last September, they haven't been fixed, Plug In Cars reports"  .......7/3/13...Autoblog.com  (click Here for full Story)

Do not wait for this to happen to your infrastructure, make sure to prepare and have a plan in place. Our full service program will help you prepare for incidents such as this and much more.

Many governments have began to inquire about the safety of electric vehicle charge points, and are now looking to the private sector for direction, information, and viable options to address public safety concerns. Our first responders are also concerned with how to instruct and train their professional staff, to prepare them for catastrophic accidents or incidents that they will have to respond to.


Greenstar Concepts, LLC is a certified (EVSE) Electric Vehicle Support Equipment Contractor specializing in safety. 

We are prepared to provide you with comprehensive and professional services to increase your readiness and support the improvement of public electric vehicle charging safety. We offer unique services that can be customized to meet your specific needs.






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